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Residential Treatment for Depression & Anxiety

Anatta Retreat as a team has evolved over the last 15 years, in enabling a mind body synchronicity for those who have struggled to find the balance between unspoken and Verbalized emotions.

Our Story

Luxury Anxiety & Depression Treatment

Anatta Retreat Alternate life therapy facilitates holistic individualised care using meditation, counselling and other therapeutic techniques for anxiety & depression disorder treatment.

A team of trained counsellors, who have achieved balance from fluctuating emotions, while looking at various facets of incidents in their own life, are part of the team. They thereby inspire and motivate our clients who are going through depressed states , to rise above failed attempts, and find the inner strength in an environment that is nothing short of living a retreat.

Alchemy of Anatta Retreat Anxiety & Depression Treatment Centre in Mumbai

The seed of hope, growing with the inner self-will to feel the world of freedom through a process in a strong supportive environment.

Single Client Residential Therapy

Individual Process Of Growth

Single client residential treatment centers for depression and anxiety near me treatment is structured to cater to an individual client, which seamlessly translates into unbridled attention besides absolute maintenance of confidentiality. It offers clients the ultimate choice of selecting a preferred geographical location where they intend to undergo the therapy to transform a Client's life beyond the restraints of physical locations.

Each individual receives their own customized recovery plan designed in-line for anxiety and depression treatment centre in Mumbai with their unique requirements with a team of experiential and professional counsellors 24*7.

Depression Treatment Centre

Voluntary and Non-Regimental

Accepting Help is the Decision

Anatta Retreat has the experience of years in inspiring and motivating clients to accept help for anxiety and depression treatment, and admit them.

Voluntary Admission:

Governed by emotions, to see light at the end of the tunnel is the basic need for any therapeutic process. Hence, the need to change the outcome of an emotionally impacted phase of life, shows positive results only when it happens voluntarily.

Non-Regimental Programme:

The programme is based on freedom, individualised, non-structured, wherein the client creates his own lifestyle responsibly with the freedom one receives.

Residential Treatment Centers for Depression and Anxiety Near Me


An Appropriate Enabler

Trying to fix what you didn’t break, at the expense of your own wellness, is Co-dependency.

Depression Treatment Centre in Mumbai

The Process can be achieved by the co-dependent by first opting for counselling and taking guidance from experts in the field.

A co-dependent enabler can channelize the enabling features in the right direction, to promote or lead an emotionally challenged person towards the right direction.

These sincere efforts by the co-dependent can aid to push a lost individual(s) to seek help.

Continual Support System

Steps Towards Rejuvenation

The therapeutic modalities incorporated in the programme are directed towards , first, taking the client through the journey of self -discovery, self -responsibility which leads to self- love and builds esteem and confidence by dealing with their emotions and life experiences. The same tools take them forward in life to live it realistically. A definitive follow up programme evolves to help deal with new challenges.

Anxiety and Depression Treatment Centers Near Me

Systematic Anxiety & Depression Treatment

Gender & Age Specific Anxiety & Depression Treatment Centre

Every individual experiences and expresses unresolved and depressed emotions and anxieties differently and are approached with compassion, unconditional regard and acceptance

Anxiety Treatment Centers Near Me
Gender Related Differences

Females appear more vulnerable to and expressive of depressed and anxious feelings. Men many times tend to suppress emotions and portray a manly social appearance. Their presentations can vary with possible systemic co-morbidities and unique denials.

Best Anxiety Treatment Centers Near Me
Age Related Differences

Adolescents and young adults might be adept at masking their symptoms . Older adults come down with co-morbidities and a different set of symptoms.

Alternate Life Therapy Process of Healing

Feeling yourself way beyond the perception of experiences gives you the power to heal the impact within.

Anxiety Treatment Centre

Self-disclosure is the foundation of our counselling activities. Eclectic modes are adopted , individualized to each client. Sessions happen anytime, and is dependent on the issue at hand that the client faces.

Anxiety and Depression Treatment Centre

Practised every day and are active and psychotherapeutic. Helps to enhance awareness and being in the present through release of suppressed/ repressed emotions and physical cellular memories

Depression Treatment Centre
Writing- Initiating Emotional Balance

Detachment from lingering emotions leading to the development of new neural networks of thinking and Behaviour.

Social Anxiety Treatment Center Near Me

Encouraged to develop and nurture new passions and hobbies, thereby, giving a sense of comfort, confidence and reparation of self.

Depression and Anxiety Treatment Center
Physical Indulgence

Individualized to each client’s requirement and willingness to enable one to balance physical and psychological discomforts.

Depression and Anxiety Treatment Center Near Me
Recreational Activities

Entertainment, exercising, watching inspiring talks to break self-imposed isolation to go beyond any lingering emotions.

Invest in Yourself

Depression Treatment Centre in Mumbai
Single Client Anxiety & Depression Treatment

The client is provided with any choice of destination he/she would like.
Therapeutic charges would be INR 20 lakhs to INR 30 lakhs per four weeks, depending on the initial diagnosis. Recommended duration of therapy is 8 to 12 weeks.

Depression Treatment in Mumbai
Residential Treatment Centers for Depression and Anxiety

A luxurious ambience with Individual residential spaces for each client.
Therapeutic charges would be INR 5 Lakhs to INR 7 Lakhs. Recommended duration of therapy is 8 to 12 weeks for anxiety and depression treatment.

Anxiety Treatment in Mumbai
Pre - Rehab Therapy

Service is to those who are not yet willing to accept help. Counsellors travel to the place of residence of the client in order to motivate them for residential program. The families are also guided to enable the individual.
The therapeutic services, travel and stay charges are borne by the client which would vary as per each individual client.

Team Of Contemporary Thinkers

Normalcy is a point in the mind between what we have, and what we desire. That is the journey to normalcy that we share

Mahesh Hiranandani

Mr. Mahesh Hiranandani M.D. Counsellor & Meditator

R.N. Jerajani

Dr. R.N. JerajaniPsychiatrist and Counsellor

M.Shashidhara Menon

Dr. (Maj.) M.Shashidhara MenonConsultant Cardiologist, expert in Addiction management & HIV-AIDS care.

Sujatha Nair

Dr. Sujatha NairDirector, Physician (Homoeopath) and Counsellor

Vandana Hiranandani

Vandana HiranandaniDirector | Family Counsellor

Hitesh Chudasama

Hitesh ChudasamaExperiential Counsellor

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Our team of experiential and professional counsellors, maintain a high level of confidentiality, in providing an exclusive, conducive environment for residential therapy in our anxiety & depression treatment centre in Mumbai.