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Contemporary Art

Term used to denote the wide expanse of art made in the present or in the near past. It is difficult to pinpoint when exactly this term gained prominence within the context of the mission of modernism and modern art and in relation to it but in Western art frameworks this essentially comes down to art produced roughly after 1970s. Asian Contemporary Art is again a term that is mostly used to refer to art that is experimental and avant-garde in nature produced in the wide geographical terrain of the whole of Asia including the Diasporas. Any simplified and straight definition will overlook the diverse and complex theories and ideas that inform the definition of Asian Contemporary Art. The boom in Asian contemporary art seen from the 1990s can be attributed to the rise in regional biennales and triennials, and also the building of contemporary art museums and other alternative spaces. This has also led to a spate of frenetic collecting of Contemporary Asian Art internationally and also a studied critique by art historians, scholars and critics.

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