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Contemporary Pakistani Miniatures

Imran Qureshi, Easy Cutting, 2008, ink, gouache, gold leaf and cut and pasted paper on cardstock, 13 ½ x 7 5/8”

Artsome 101, our educational component, is back with its second course! This time we’ll be introducing you to the world of Contemporary Pakistani Miniatures.

An interesting trend that has recently developed in the art world is applying traditional miniaturist practice to contemporary works. Miniature painting in Pakistan began during the Mughal Empire, which covered much of the Indian continent as well as Central Asia for several centuries. During that time, even though the Miniature tradition involved a healthy fusion of materials, language and iconography across cultures, the level of experimentation in terms of scale was restricted to a bare minimum. Today, more and more artists are discovering innovative ways of experimenting with traditional forms, bringing a lot of diversity in artists’ application and thematic depictions.

Artsome has chosen five artists from Pakistan who have delved deeply into this particular trend and would like to introduce them to you through our unique 5 Day DO-IT-YOURSELF Online Course! You’ll get a chance to learn how exactly Miniature Painting fuses with Contemporary art practices completely FREE OF CHARGE.

In each course we will send you new study material daily over a week’s time. We’ll provide easy-to-read Understanding pages explaining artists’ works, links to videos, exhibitions and much more as part of our daily dose. At the end of the week you can participate in a Twitter Chat and discuss your observations, questions and clarifications with the Artsome Team.

Our second course in the series is called Contemporary Pakistani Miniatures. Sign up to know more about artists taking the Pakistani art scene by storm. Renowned nationally and internationally, these artists boast of diverse repertoires. Admissions are officially open. Subscribe now!

Course Dates: 7th to 11th April
Twitter Chat: 11th April, 4:00 pm to 5:00 pm IST [hashtag #artsome101]
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April 2014