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Prem Sahib's First Solo Show "Tongues" in India at Jhaveri Contemporary runs through May 17

Prem Sahib, Insider, 2014, steel, paint, polished steel, 10 x 30 x 10 cm. Image courtesy Jhaveri Contemporary.

British artist Prem Sahib's first solo exhibition in India has opened at Jhaveri Contemporary in Mumbai, continuing the young artist's rapid rise through the ranks of the international art scene and further establishing him as an artist to watch.

Sahib is best known for his minimalist sculptures which are characterized by their simple geometry and sparse palettes. He describes his practice as being about "encounters and presence" and refers to his aesthetic as "sexed-up" and "minimal."

The exhibition, entitled "Tongues," deals with notions of encounter and presence, continuing the artist's interest in the evocation of emotion from cleanly economical but often suggestive or personified arrangement, according to Jhaveri Contemporary.

Drawing inspiration from a range of convictions including sexuality, intimacy, desire, and community, Prahib has created a series of discrete sculptures that are set up to be in dialogue with one another, reflecting the artist's ambition for the works to be "talking to themselves."

The title of the exhibition takes its name from a portrait photograph in the exhibition which depicts a friend of the artist pushing his tongue against the side of his mouth to create a discretely sculptural form that suggests an idea of communication in the absence of language.

Other major works in the exhibition include "Insider," a work comprising of two intersecting steel disks that speaks of union; "Me Time I," which consists of an aluminum panel painted to look like a steamy bathroom wall; as well as a structural form modeled on a piece of furniture in a Berlin nightclub, entitled "Only With Your Lights On."

"Tongues" is at JhaveriContemporary until May 17, 2014

Venue: Jhaveri Contemporary
Address: 2 Krishna Niwas, 58A Walkeshwar Road, Mumbai 400 006
Opening Hours: Tuesday-Saturday, 11am-6pm


April 2014