ARTSOME Exhibition

Raqs Media Collective opens a solo show "Sublime Economy of Means" at Prague

Raqs Media Collective presents a body of works about the sublime economy of means at their solo show at Tranzitdisplay in Prague, Czech Republic

The Raqs Media Collective enjoys playing a plurality of roles, often appearing as artists, occasionally as curators, sometimes as philosophical agent provocateurs.

They make contemporary art, have made films, curated exhibitions, edited books, staged events, collaborated with architects, computer programmers, writers and theatre directors and have founded processes that have left deep impacts on contemporary culture in India. Raqs (pron. rux) follows its self-declared imperative of 'kinetic contemplation' to produce a trajectory that is restless in terms of the forms and methods that it deploys even as it achieves a consistency of speculative procedures.

The exhibition runs through June 8, 2014.
Venue:Tranzitdisplay, Prague, Czech Republic


April 2014