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Shrine Empire presents "Invented Identities" curated by Paroma Maiti runs through May 9

Shrine Empire Presents 'Invented Identities' Curated by ParomaMaiti. Winner of Art Scribes Award 2012.

Artists: Adip Dutta, Alice Dittmar, AnoliPerera, Dr Paula Sengupta.

Shrine Empire - Art Scribes Award is meant to promote young contemporary art writers in/ from India through a well-organized writing competition, which is later scrutinized by a panel of acclaimed art critics, curators and artists. This program is a part of Shrine Empire Gallery's efforts to build up links between intelligent art practice and informed art writing. ParomaMaiti, the winner of the award in 2012 now presents her curated show 'Invented Identities'.

Identity and the processes of its fabrication are intriguing issues. At various levels - personal (psychological and physiological), social or national - 'identity' is something that, even though is such an innate part of our being, ironically, is a construct. The processes of that 'construction' are fascinatingly innovative and imaginative and most interestingly in conformity with socio-psychological, popular tropes. Facebook, for instance, is one of the greatest contemporary examples of being a platform that urges, even forces one to constantly 'invent' identities and project them in keeping with the protagonist's tastes/preferences etc.

Memory is a curious catalyst in the creation and propagation of this identity-formation. At a certain distance in time, it often becomes difficult to tell memory from imagination. Further, when it gets selective, for reasons that could range from trauma to catharsis, it complicates matters - not necessarily in a pejorative sense. Matters get problematized further, when multiple identities co-exist in perfect or not-so perfect harmony and each vies with the other to be brought to the forefront in tandem with convenience or whims of the heart. This show looks at the varied ways in which memory and identity coalesce or diverge to produce colourful melanges.

The exhibition runs through May 9, 2014.
Venue: Shrine Empire Gallery
Address: 7, Friends Colony (West), New Delhi- 110065
Opening Hours: Preview 6pm onwards, 11th April, 2014
Nearest Transport: Friends Colony West Bus Stop and Okhla Metro Station


April 2014