ARTSOME Exhibition

Solo show by Tahireh Lal "Metaphysical Gravity" opens on October 11 at GALLERYSKE, Bangalore, India

Artist TahirehLal presents her latest collection of work at a solo exhibition titled Metaphysical Gravity. On display will be works showcasing the primarily auto-ethnographic, dealing with ideas of movement and stasis that stem from her mobile existence.

TahirehLal explores various mediums like video, installation and kinetic sculpture to experiment and express her ideas. She has showcased her work at various exhibition and film festival Internationally like Videonale in Bonne, Germany and Nui t Blanche in Toronto, Canada.

The exhibition runs through November 22, 2014.
Address: 2 Berlie Street, Langford Town, Bangalore 560 025
Opening Hours: Open 11 am to 7 pm, Sundays by appointment, Closed on Tuesdays
Nearest Transport: Nanjappa Circle Bus Stop


October 2014