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Video Art

Video art refers to art that utilises moving images with or without sound. This form of art came into being in the late 1960s and early 1970s where technology became more accessible. This form of art should be differentiated from cinema with theatrical releases and documentary filmmaking, or even any other form of avant-garde filmmaking.

Video art can include one or many channels, being shown simultaneously on multiple monitors or screens. It can be an installation in itself or as a part of a sculptural installation, and also combined with other mediums like video projected on paintings. With more technological advances, video art is gaining more currency with new innovations being introduced under its ambit, say, with interactive art.

Further Reading

Illuminating Video: An Essential Guide To Video Art edited by Doug Hall, Sally Jo Fifer, David Bolt and David Ross

Gigi Scaria, Against Gravity (Video Stills), 2013, 3 Min. 10 Sec.( 3/3), six monitor video installation with sound