About Us

Artsome is a first of its kind endeavor to attempt to fill the lack of education and exposure to art in the Indian Subcontinent. It is a one-stop resource for information on Modern and Contemporary Art in the region.

Based on the ideals of being democratic and inclusive, Artsome is dedicated to taking art beyond a niche audience. It is designed to introduce people to Art from India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Bangladesh. Our primary motive in putting up the website is to simplify Art for anyone with a willingness to learn.

Pressing Concerns

  • Due to its restricted reach Art Education is not very easily available in this region. There is a lack of exposure and interest among the masses simply because they are unaware of artists and their whereabouts.
  • In schools, children are taught how to paint, but there is no specific training programme designed to educate them about existing artists and their works. The curriculum only provides practical knowledge of various art forms, with little or no attention to art theory.
  • Visiting museums and art exhibitions is not ingrained in our system since childhood. The average Indian families lack the inclination to view and experience art regularly.
  • Moreover, in the Indian subcontinent there is very little time and energy devoted to covering art events in the Media. If television is considered to be a major source of acquiring knowledge, then art education is not considered to be of much importance.

Need of the Hour

Taking into account the existing problems/ issues at hand, Artsome tackles the situation on two fronts. The first being our online resource Artsome.co, and the other is our offline component Educate Artsome.

Artsome.co An exhaustive online resource housing an artists’ directory, bibliography of art terms, latest feeds, articles and reviews.

  • Each artist has his/her own profile and we have designed a novel timeline featuring their significant works, exhibitions and press highlights.
  • An interactive and updated calendar of events
  • Bibliography of terms used in art
  • Based on our own research, we have also tried to demystify artists and their creations with our unique ‘Understanding the Artist’ section.
  • Blog offers variety reading including reviews, interviews and fun content. Our blog offers readers different types of posts ranging from academic to fresh and visually informative ones. We aim to provide information on art not just for beginners, but a varied audience.
  • We have made the portal interactive and user-friendly to create an engaging experience for viewers.
  • A team of young researchers trained in Art History or Fine Arts help us in building content for the website.

Educate Artsome An organisation dedicated to furthering knowledge of / generating interest in art among people of the Indian subcontinent.

  • With our offline endeavour we organise a number of activities such as seminars, talks, events, curated walks, educational courses and workshops- all with the vision of creating awareness in/ exposing more people to Art.
  • Our programmes are conducted by trained individuals
  • Keeping with our aesthetic of promoting a fresh and lively take on art, our modules are one-of-a-kind and easily accessible for all.
  • Our programmes are specially formulated for school children of all ages as well as art enthusiasts from different backgrounds.


  • Artsome’s mission is to encourage people to gain awareness in art. By providing fun and exciting avenues for acquiring the same, we want to expose the populace of this region to the diversity of information that Modern and Contemporary Art have to offer.
  • It is a one stop beginners guide to modern and contemporary art of the Indian Subcontinent
  • The information offered by both our online and offline segments can be easily understood by people belonging to different fields, backgrounds and of all ages.
  • Our research is focused on providing our readers with accessible, simple and relevant information which is up to date.

In case you have any questions about our content and proceess of research feel free to write to us at info@artsome.co with your feedback.