ARTSOME Exhibition

Solo show by Pradeep Puthoor opens on July 5 at Nature Morte

Pradeep Puthoor, Creeper’s Next, 2013, Oil on canvas, 66.5” x 83” (169 x 211cms)

Nature Morte is pleased to present a solo show of new paintings by Pradeep Puthoor.

In fabulous, mural-size paintings, Pradeep Puthoor seem to suggest a meeting of art, computer science, and biological engineering. Sumptuous colors come together into evocative forms that hover between anatomical elaborations and botanical follies. Iridescent vessels contain a myriad of pulsating, vibrating creatures: hothouse flowers, internal organs, robotic insects, nuclear paramecium, alien genitalia. The artificial illumination within these paintings can be a day-glow moonlight or the electrified, blinking neon of the Las Vegasstrip. With over-arching structures and containers of organic grids, the works also feel like urban mega-structures, orbiting space colonies, and hypothesized internet communities. Puthoor's works are paintings to swim in and get lost, to drown in their luscious complexities.

The exhibition runs through February 28, 2014.
Venue: Nature Morte
Address: A-1 Neeti Bagh, New Delhi-110049
Opening Hours: Monday through Saturday, 10am to 6pm, Closed on Sundays and holidays
Nearest Transport: Niti Bagh Bus Stop and Green park Metro Station


July 2014