'Getting Across': Show Review

Vadehra Art Gallery in collaboration with the Goethe-Institut / Max Mueller Bhavan is currently hosting ?etting Across?featuring works by national and international artists.

Exploring the Elephanta Caves

Maharashtra is well known for its rock cut cave temples be it Ajanta, Ellora or the Elephanta caves which are a unique style of art and character of this region of India.

'Portraits of Resistance': A Review

An exhibition of art works of various artists from the neighbouring country of Sri Lanka was organized by the Department of Sociology, South Asian University at the India International center, Delhi and was on view till 28 August 2016.

Kim and Kayne

As American writer Edward Abbey wrote, "How could anything non-controversial be of intellectual interest to grown-ups?"

Samson Young Unplugged!

Renowned for its focus on contemporary art, the Experimenter Gallery of Kolkata has facilitated organization of exhibitions of critical international acclaim in India.


Liverpool Biennial Open on 9th July at chatterjee & Lal, Mumbai, India

09 Jul 2016 - 16 Oct 2016

Time Open on 15th July at Gallery Maskara, Mumbai, India

15 Jul 2016 - 30 Sep 2016

Coriolis Effect: Migration and Memory Open on KHOJ, New Delhi, India

16 Aug 2016 - 04 Oct 2016

Rhetorical Amendments to the (REDACTED) open on 18th June at The Guild Art Gallery, Mumbai, India

18 Jun 2016 - 30 Sep 2016

Show of Art Collection Open on 10th June at British Council, New Delhi, India

10 Jun 2016 - 10 Oct 2016


MAPPING THE ARTISTS | Chandraguptha Thenuwara

Paula Sengupta

Indian Contemporary Artist
Born 1967, Kolkata, India
Lives and works in Kolkata, India

Ram Rahman

Indian Contemporary Artist
Born 1955, New Delhi
Lives and works in New Delhi

Pushpamala N

Indian Contemporary Artist
Born 1956, Bangalore, India
Lives and works between Bangalore and New Delhi, India

Nikhil Chopra

Indian Contemporary Artist
Born 1974, Kolkata
Lives and works in Mumbai

Francis Newton Souza

Indian Modern Artist
Born 1924, Saligaon, Goa, India
Died 2002, Bombay
Lived and worked in Bombay, London and New York



Serigraphy is a laborious technique where a stencil is used to superimpose a design or image on a very fine mesh screen


Aquatint is a variety of etching used to create tonal values and is named for the effect it creates as the finished prints look like ink or watercolour washes

Digital prints

Digital printing is a method of printing from a digital based image onto a variety of materials

Pop Art

The term is used to describe art that has its source in popular and commercial culture


Fresco is a technique of mural painting implemented on a freshly laid lime plaster