Our Contributors

Hemavathy Guha

Hemavathy Guha is a multidisciplinary artist/writer. While she pursued the visual art as a profession, she kept her writing in a pristine form, writing only she wanted to. Her interests range from travelling, trekking, cooking and undertaking community art projects. She enjoys listening to music and going on walks.

Anubha Gupta

Anubha, the vivacious Director studied English Literature for her graduation only to realise her love for the Art and went on to study Art at The Courtauld Institute of Art. Her love and passion for the Arts and also the realisation of the lack of Art Education in India that prompted her to start something like Artsome through her own initiative.

Abira Bandyopadhyay

Abira is a freelance artist who also happens to be an engineer. With her artistic practice she does not aim at making big statements but to notice silently amidst the chaos the ordinary realities of everyday life. She has made contributions to illustrated books, public installations, and various art projects.

Ishita Singh

An MPhil research student, Ishita wants to live in a world where being yourself isn't a political or radical statement and where being human is not just a t-shirt quote. When she's not writing or reading you can find her googling or running. She wants to travel and teach kids and constantly dreams of books she wants to write.

Ria Sarkar

A dreamer and closet comedian, Ria likes to live life on the wacky side. She enjoys dancing her socks off and indulges in occasional photography expeditions. Currently studying History of Art at SOAS University, London, writing is her metier and she hopes to live by her pen someday.

Lavannya K Iyer

Lavannya is pursuing her PG diploma is Communication for Development after her graduation in Political Science from Delhi University. Her aim is to spread colours and happiness in the world. She wants to open a school especially for eunuchs. She loves to travel, to eat and cook and finding hidden meanings of our culture and customs.

Ahana Tomar

Ahana is the queen of paradoxes. Student of applied sciences, who has the ability to appreciate art and culture. Typical small town girl, who has been around (quite a bit)! Agony aunt and party clown. First bencher-nerd who has beaten the Indian education system, does not give a damn to evaluations, studies out of curiosity alone. Nature lover - bordering on creepy.

Shreya Garg

An electronics engineer with the heart of an art lover, she is currently studying new media design at the National Institute of Design, Ahmedabad. She works on projects that lie at the intersection of technology, art, science and design and is otherwise an amateur tattoo artist, paper maker and a chef.

Ruchita Ghuliani

Ruchita is an art enthusiast who is currently practicing contemporary art at Triveni Kala Sangam. She holds a bachelor's degree in commerce from Delhi University and a diploma in fine arts from Delhi Collage of Art. She gave up her career in banking & finance to pursue her passion for painting in full swing. Her interests include travelling and sketching.

Monica Arora

Nitpicky with a borderline OCD for tidiness, editing is but an extension of my personality. Having dabbled in myriad genres of the written word for more than a decade, spanning fiction, non-fiction, coffee table illustrated books, brochures, newsletters, et al there is still much to be read, imbibed, researched, written, reviewed and edited.

Ruchi Bhalla

Ardent art lover, Wanderer, story weaver, nonconformist. Graduated in Economics from Shri Ram College of Commerce. Couldn't get enough of college so did post graduation in International Business from Shri Ram College of Commerce and University of Warsaw, Poland. Worked with Deloitte, Ernst and Young, Indian Oil before deciding to call quits on the corporate life, for good...for good things in life.

Prapti Mittal

Prapti is a student of History, with a great passion for art history that she wishes to pursue as her career. She is an artist, photographer and video artist and loves to experiment with new forms of art. However, her primary field of interest is academics and she has undertaken several research projects related to history and art.

Aranya Bhowmik

Aranya takes Art History passionately has done his Bachelors in art history and pursuing his Masters in it. He has been engaged in writing, editing as well as coordinating exhibitions. He wants to get out of the box and explore art and art history differently, wants to make art history approachable to the common people.

Enakshi Sharma

She is a storyteller, curator, anchor, research associate and a travel writer who regularly blogs about cinema. She has published with the Alternative, North East Review, Kashmirwalla, Artsome, Brandnew, Travellings lacker among other places. She regularly tweets at @mayukhi0511

Ishita Sahni

Just another one in 7 Billion.
A business management student from the University of Nottingham she works with kids wear brand - Chatterbox by day and is an online shopping junkie by night! A Dog-lover and self proclaimed Art Enthusiast is also struck by wanderlust. She can spend hours on Instagram and read any magazine she gets her hands on!

Mahima Saraswat

Mahima, an M.A. in art conservation, is passionate about art and culture. Her experience with government and non government art organisation makes her multifaceted. Latest to her credentials is the conservation treatment of 108 paintings of Amrita Shergill and The Mahatma Exhibition at 13th Pravasiya Bhartiya Divas, Gujarat 2015.